Welcome to Taiwan International Healthcare Training Center

The Taiwan International Healthcare Training Center (TIHTC) was established on August 29, 2002 by Taipei Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare. The Center offers training and exchange programs for medical professionals around the world to continue their clinical training in Taiwan.
In the past fifteen years, nearly 1,500 health professionals from 65 countries have received training through TIHTC, that help improve their own countries’ health systems. Furthermore, TIHTC has successfully received 1,151 international visitors from 57 countries, provided international medical rescue assistance 19 times, and signed official cooperation agreements with 28 hospitals and international organizations in countries such as India, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Marshall Islands, Mongolia, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam. Since the training of the first international health care personnel, the Center can now train over a hundred international medical, health, and administration personnel per year.
In 2011, Taipei Hospital established the first international health care exhibition center in Taiwan to commemorate its achievements in training and international cooperation. By the unwavering efforts of Taipei Hospital, it received the Bronze Award of 2012 National Biotechnology and Medical Care Quality Award, recognizing TIHTC as the top international health care personnel training institution in Taiwan. In 2016, TIHTC won the “First International Medical Model Prize” Group Award. The Center welcomed its 15th anniversary in 2017, celebrating with its alumni around the world.
Looking forward, TIHTC will take its valuable experience as the foundation to effectively integrate the 26 Ministry of Health and Welfare affiliated hospitals, 33 international health care cooperation network hospitals, and local and international experts and academics into a national consulting committee so as to further develop the Center into a world-class international health care personnel training center through organizing international conferences and events, inviting world-class trainers, and arranging professional medical care training courses.


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