Project Training Program


Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine

To promote traditional Chinese medicine and to give international medical practitioners a chance to learn Chinese medicine, TIHTC designed a two-week training course that includes the fundamental academic know-how and the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Attendees of the training course will also visit some of the largest Chinese herbal pharmaceutical companies in Taiwan. Read more


Healthcare Management Leadership

The objectives of this program are to improve concepts and skills in healthcare management, promote leadership and intellectual development in management of international healthcare affairs, and facilitate international exchanges on healthcare affairs. Read more


Emergency Care and Burn Injuries Management

Emergency care is an essential part of the health system and serves as the first point of contact for the acutely ill and injured around the world. During the New Taipei Water Park dust-explosion incident in 2015, where over 500 patients were burned and an average burned body surface of 40%, the swift emergency response and timely treatment managed to keep the death toll at a minimum.
The objectives of this program are to improve the concepts and skills in managing emergency care of the frontline healthcare providers. This program includes the professional medical teams, institutions, associations, and foundations related to emergency care and burn injuries to share their expertise in large scale burn care, advanced burns emergency treatment, wound and scar care, pain and infection control, nutrition and rehabilitation, as well as mental care.Read more


Customized Project Program

The customized project training program is a special program offered to the partner institutions that incorporates the most current topics in international health care, such as disease prevention strategies, national health insurance (NHI), healthcare management (HCM), health promoting hospitals (HPH), emergency health care, as well as health care information technology that match their intensive training and development needs. Through pragmatic cooperation with a diverse range of international institutions, the Center will continue to develop the best customized project training program available in the region.


List of Supporting Documents

Please provide the attached application form with supporting documents into 1 PDF file by orders to complete the application


Inclusive of all lectures and visits and accidental insurance during the training period are subsidized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.