Project Training Program

TIHTC offers professional healthcare training courses based on current international trends and urgent needs of healthcare issues. Training courses include International Healthcare Management Leadership, International Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine Training Program, Emergency Care Management, and Project-based Training Program focusing on core international healthcare themes.


International Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine Training

International Acupuncture Traditional Medicine (ATM) has become a popular treatment across the world. To promote traditional Chinese medicine and to give international medical practitioners a chance to learn Chinese medicine, TIHTC designed a two-week training course that includes the fundamental academic know-how and the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Attendees of the training course will also get to visit some of the largest Chinese herbal pharmaceutical companies in Taiwan. By the end of the course, attendees will gain further understanding in traditional Chinese medicine through differentiating herbs, its medicinal values and acupuncture. Moreover, attendees can utilize weekends to participate in the visitations to cultural sights and medical institutions to learn more about Taiwan.


Health Care Management Leadership Training

The objectives of this program are to improve concepts and skills in healthcare management, promote leadership and intellectual development in management of international healthcare affairs, and facilitate international exchanges on healthcare affairs.


Emergency Care Management Training

Emergency care is an essential part of the health system and serves as the first point of contact for the acutely ill and injured around the world. Frontline providers manage children and adults with medical, surgical and obstetric emergencies, including injuries and infections, heart attacks and strokes, asthma and acute complications of pregnancy. The objectives of this program are to improve the concepts and skills in managing emergency care of the frontline providers.


Special Project Program


Clinical Training Program

General Clinical Training Program

TIHTC provides professional clinical training programs to physicians, nurses, and medical technicians. During the clinical training program, participants will have a great opportunity to observe the instructors, medical environment as well as healthcare management approaches in Taiwan.


Traditional Chinese Medicine


General Surgery



Cardiac Surgery

Thoracic Medicine

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Plastic Surgery



Thoracic Surgery

Family Medicine


Micro Surgery

General Internal Medicine



Endocrinology & Metabolism


Emergency Medicine


Laboratory Medicine





Liver and Gallbladder Gastroenterol

Diagnostic Radiology




General Pediatric

Infection Control



International Dermatopathology Training Program

The Center for Dermatopathology Training in Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei is a training center accredited by the International Committee for Dermatopathology. We accept short-term (less than 6 months) or long-term (6 months to 1 year) fellowship training. Only three positions are available at any one time. The program provides a comprehensive dermatopathology experience. Training includes daily slide reading, clinico-pathological and academic conferences, immunofluorescence, electron microscope, and access to a well-organized dermatopathology slide library. A total of 36 dermatopathology topics are covered, including lectures and teaching slides.


The trainees can choose 1-3month(s) training for anytime. Please send the application form with all supporting documents before 2 month of training (three months prior to training if the training period is more than 3 months).
Supporting Documents List :


(1) Application Form
(2) Resume or Curriculum Vitae
(3) Study Plan
(4) A scanned copy of your passport’s personal information page with clear information including your name, date of birth, passport number, and expiration date
(5) One passport-sized photo (3.5cm X4.5 cm)
(6) One or more letters of recommendation
(7) Health status report (chest X-ray and hepatitis B, Serological Test of STD, Measles, and Rubella test taken within 3 months prior to arrival)
(8) If you are applying for clinical training
a. A scanned copy of your diploma or degree relevant to the field of medicine
b. A scanned copy of your medical license
c. Documentation with proof of at least one-year worth of medical practice in your country (Date of document application must be within 6 months prior to the date of training)

d. Copies of any other licenses, certificates or awards relevant to the program you are applying
(9) If you are applying for project training
a. A scanned copy of your diploma or degree relevant to the field of public health, healthcare
management or medicine
b. Copies of any other licenses, certificates or awards relevant to the program you are applying


Please refer to the documents below: